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Tuesday, 26 March 2024 16:02

The High Human Cost of Migration

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lethal cost of migration lethal cost of migration pixabay

The last decade has brought extremely sad statistics regarding migration worldwide. According to the report of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), over 63,000 people have died or disappeared on migration routes. Many of these tragedies occurred while trying to escape conflicts, persecutions, and poverty.


Dangers on the Road

About 60% of the recorded deaths were related to drownings, making it the main cause of death on migration routes. The route through the Mediterranean Sea proved to be particularly dangerous, where over 27,000 people trying to reach Southern Europe from North Africa lost their lives in its waters. The year 2023 was the deadliest year since the beginning of record-keeping, with a record number of over 8,500 lives lost. It is also alarming that in the coastal area of Tunisia alone, the number of victims increased to 729 from 462 the previous year, indicating an increase in departures and the disasters associated with them.

Invisible Disasters

The IOM report emphasizes that the published data may only represent a fraction of the actual number of victims worldwide. Difficulties in obtaining and verifying information mean that many tragedies remain unnoticed. This is especially true for so-called "invisible disasters," when entire boats disappear without a trace on the route from West Africa to Spain's Canary Islands. Similarly, many deaths in the Sahara go unreported. Even when death is recorded, more than two-thirds of the victims remain unidentified, and in more than half of the cases, the organization is unable to determine the sex or age of the migrant.

These statistics shed light on the tragic consequences of migration and underscore the need for actions to improve safety and conditions on migration routes. The death of thousands of people in search of a better life is a tragic reminder of the global humanitarian crisis that requires urgent attention and international cooperation.


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