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What details should you pay attention to when buying an electric scooter?

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electric scooter for kids electric scooter for kids

In principle, when you buy a scooter you take into account the weight, size, battery, and model.

However, certain details can be overlooked and it is good to do a careful analysis before buying the scooter. They can be important and essential when you want to make the best choice.

Pay attention to safety equipment: brakes, wheels, and lighting!

When buying a scooter, special attention must be paid to safety devices. It is preferable to choose the front and rear hydraulic disc brakes with ABS function and braking energy recovery function.

It is also important to take into account the size of the wheels, especially if you are going to use the scooter on roads outside the city. Most scooters have thin wheels, but you can also buy a motorcycle with thick wheels, like the ones sold by Smartbalance.

Many scooters do not have a lighting system. However, the larger and more sophisticated models have headlights, which must be strong enough to allow you to drive safely in low visibility.

Also, check the quality of the scooter

The quality of the materials from which the frame is built is an important element that you must take into account when buying an electric scooter for kids . Depending on the desired performance in terms of rigidity and weight, the frame can be made of ultra-strong steel alloys, chromium-molybdenum alloys, aluminum alloys, or composite materials. A scooter sold by Smartbalance offers you the safety of quality materials. If you buy a scooter made of cheap materials, you will have unpleasant surprises during use and you will have to get with it in service faster than you thought.

In addition to the materials from which the frame is made, the quality of the welding and the quality of the fork manufacturing materials must be checked. Electronic components that are very sensitive to water must be protected by a completely impermeable coating.

 IP54 represents, for example, leak-proof protection against dust and microscopic residues and protection against water spray at any inclination.

Certainly, the level of finish of the plastic and decorative elements does not directly influence the road performance of the scooter, but it is important details to evaluate the value you receive for the price of the scooter. Choose quality products, manufactured by famous brands and the result will satisfy you.

Choose a brand that offers good after-sales services

Often too neglected by buyers, the quality of after-sales service is an important criterion to consider when choosing an electric scooter. The manufacturer's guarantee gives you the security that you can enjoy all the qualities of the chosen equipment. In general, smartbalance scooters have a 24-month warranty and the battery is guaranteed for 6 months. If you need maintenance and repair work, it is good to receive information, details, and advice from a professional after-sales service concerned with improving the quality of its services.

Whatever smartbalance scooter you choose, it is always wise to buy a brand that offers good after-sales service and clear and fair warranty policy.

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