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A date different than any other. Relationship advice.

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A date different than any other A date different than any other

If you feel fed up with trivial, schematic meetings, take your date somewhere else. Here is some relationship advice. Even when you are in a long-term relationship, it's worth to keep the spark alive. For example, meet at the train station with a small backpack and little sum of money. Buy a ticket for a next train - it doesn't matter where, it matters with whom you travel.

Every place is magical in its own way. Get off at any station and visit the town, meet new people - you only live once.

Crazy shopping

Do some role playing and pretend to be a personal stylist for a your other half. Let them choose the best outfit. You can go to a huge second-hand shop, and use your humour and imagination as your advisors. Everyone can refuse to wear something, but once only so you have to save this option and use in the right moment. After shopping go for a walk along your city's busiest streets. Breaking fashion conventions will bring you closer together.

Play a married couple

Couples that want to gain new, relationship experience can play an engaged or married couple. You can go to a furniture store and pretend you want to buy a big king-size marital bed. You need to check every product before buying it, so you'll have a true bed-marathon! Don't forget to ask a salesperson about matching bedding, a quilt that will hold during long games you'll play in bed and of course about a noise-cancelling headboard. Seeing their face will be priceless.

Night beasts

Take your partner to discover nature's miracles by night. Swim naked in the lake, look at the stars when drinking hot cocoa or plan an evening out in the tree house drinking wine. Open your mind to your true desires and make them happen.
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