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What is Rhinoplasty? To Whom?

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Rhinoplasty is a treatment procedure that is applied to people who have problems with their nose. The people who will receive this treatment are those who have cosmetic or health problems in their nose.

 Rhinoplasty treatment is for people who deal with nasal problems. This situation, which occurs in people, ends with the treatment process. It is recommended that people who will undergo this treatment first go through a detailed and comprehensive research and find the most experienced and experienced doctor. A good doctor candidate is a good treatment, otherwise the health status of the person will be adversely affected. While choosing the center and doctor where the application will be made, it is necessary to evaluate the situations such as the experience of the doctor and how often he does this job, whether he works with a professional team or not. Considering all these, with the choice of physician to be made, while choosing the one that is suitable for their budget, a quality service will be obtained at the same time.



How is rhinoplasty performed?

Rhinoplasty treatment is generally performed in two different ways. Before starting this treatment, if a person has any health problems that prevent treatment, the doctor should be told. At the same time, the necessary examinations of a person are carried out before treatment. This way the person is ready for treatment. After all the tests are ready, the person is sedated. If the person's nose problem has developed, then the open rhinoplasty treatment is applied to the person, but if the person's nose problem has progressed a little less, then the closed rhinoplasty treatment is applied to the person. These two treatments are very effective, and a view inside a person's nose can be obtained in open surgery. This process, which provides definitive solutions to treatments, ends with the application treatment.

Who is rhinoplasty performed for?

Rhinoplasty treatment is a procedure that is generally applied to people with problems such as meat, bone, cartilage, curvature and nasal girdle. But, people who will receive this treatment should not have any health problems that prevent the treatment. Otherwise, their health will be negatively affected. Other than that, this procedure can be done by any adult of age and growth appropriate.



Considerations after rhinoplasty

There are some issues that people should know and take care of after having a rhinoplasty. After this treatment, it is recommended that people not get any blows in the nose area and rest also. However, after the treatment it is recommended to stay away from strenuous work, exercises and pay attention to nutrition. It is recommended to work under the supervision of a physician and not to interrupt routine controls. At the same time, it is recommended to use the given drugs and pills in the most appropriate way. This way, you'll benefit from a healthier treatment option.

Correct adress for rhinoplasty: Healdone

It is recommended that people who are going to undergo rhinoplasty treatment first choose a clinic that is experienced and also provides a reliable service. A good clinic and a good doctor is always good service and the person is not adversely affected. It is recommended to move away from unsafe places under the stairs and go to more familiar places. Otherwise, people can be very negatively affected and die without getting the desired results.


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