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Is it worth preparing meals for our dog on your own?

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When asked if they cook for themselves and their family every day, most of my friends reflexively say yes. But do we spend so much time cooking homemade meals? Or maybe we make it easier for ourselves by buying semi-finished products or snacking on previously purchased dishes at work? And how do we feed our pets?


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If our ideal way of eating is fresh and self-prepared meals, we set the bar very high for ourselves. In addition to the fact that we often lack time for it, coming up with an attractive menu becomes another obligation. You can see the scale of this problem in the number of ready-made menus circulating on the Internet. There are also many trendy blogs where the authors publish their meals daily. We will find many reliable ideas to surprise the family for dinner. For those who need to improve the matter of meals, the stores offer a wide range of ready-to-reheat dishes such as soups, dumplings, salads and many more. We also usually have purchased food for our dogs, which - as we are convinced - provides them with the necessary nutrients.

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BB Republic line

So it seems that statistically, most of us use the means of facilitating our cooking to one degree or another. It is essential to provide energy and vitamins at the right time, and all your needs will be met.

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Despite the facilities we can use every day, many people decide to take the trouble of cooking not only for themselves but also for their four-legged friend. Many people find that preparing meals can be both challenging and fun. Many culinary bloggers reveal patents that can help us improve our work in the kitchen: the right tools and equipment, keeping the necessary supplies in the pantry and refrigerator, and most importantly - good organization of work! We follow the same rules when we cook for our dog. Once we recognize our pet's energy needs - it is good to use the help of an animal nutritionist or veterinarian - we can start.

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Remember that it is challenging to eliminate meat from a dog diet. Some canine nutritionists point out that the proportion of meat ingredients of the origin should be 70-80%. This way, we will provide the dog with protein and fats. Unlike cats, dogs are not ruthless carnivores, so we should enrich our meals with vegetables. Unfortunately, we must read the exact guidelines and give the dog only vegetables that will be the most valuable for him. Also, the need for carbohydrates is slightly different than humans, but we can easily give him rice, groats or potatoes.

Preparing meals yourself is also an opportunity to establish an even closer relationship with your pet. While busy in the kitchen, our dog can fall asleep nearby in his lair, e.g. from the BB Republic line. Although the premium line of ready-made foods has a rich composition and covers the needs of all nutrients, cooking homemade dog food gives the owners complete control over the ingredients and quality of the food. For many cooking people, it is an unquestionable advantage.

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