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Arranging a living room in the Art Deco style – what you need to know

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Art Deco is a distinguished style of the interwar period, which has clearly become more and more popular in recent years.


Contemporary art deco combines the style of over 100 years ago with modern class and the highest possible quality. That is so many people are eager to decorate their living room in the Art Deco style, because this room is a showcase of each house and apartment. But what should you remember about when designing your room in this style?

Art Deco furniture exclusive elegance

One of the most important elements of every living room is undoubtedly the furniture. It gives the room its character and can be a great decorative element. In case of Art Deco, furniture has very clear and specific shapes, proportions and colors. In the 20th century, Art Deco was associated not only with elegance, but also with wealth. This has not changed at all, because furniture in the Art Deco style is not cheap. This is due to many different factors, however the most notable is of course the extremely high quality. This premium furniture is not only distinguished by its unique design, but also by the premium quality that is visible at first glance.

A great example of this can be the art deco style armchair. Characteristic geometrical lines, white, mahogany, orange and turquoise colors bring out the beauty of the form and make this armchair a real quintessence of the highest quality.

Accessories and ornaments the final touch

Furniture is a very important element of an Art Deco living room. However, the unquestionable icing on the cake are of course all kinds of accessories and ornaments. Art Deco is above all splendor, but tasteful and elegant. That is why all kinds of accessories, such as sculptures, statues, busts and paintings will be perfect for Art Deco living rooms. Fortunately, the Internet is nowadays an infinite source of such additions, so finding decorative elements is not difficult. The color scheme of accessories should be exactly the same as the furniture and walls. The same color notes will allow to maintain harmony, an essential quality of Art Deco. Thanks to this, your living room arranged in the Art Deco style will delight your family as well as your guests.

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