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7 eco-friendly solutions for everyone

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An eco-friendly lifestyle is something we should all care about. In recent years, the amount of malignant pollution and waste produced by people has increased significantly, which badly affects the natural environment. Check out tips on how to live an eco-friendly lifestyle!


1.  Use renewable energy sources

One of the most powerful ways to make your household more environmentally friendly is to invest in renewable energy sources. The most common way to do so is to install solar panels, which are able to generate energy using the sun. Another popular solution is fans. If you don’t have a possibility to install a renewable energy source at home, we encourage you to use portable solar mats that can charge your phone or laptop for free.

2. Use eco-friendly cleaning agents

How can you nurture a more eco-friendly lifestyle? Change your daily habits! Opt for all-natural cleaning products, which do not damage our planet. Such products are devoid of chemicals which cause the most harm to the environment. Additionally, they are much safer for you and your family.

3.  Recycle

Although recycling is now required in many countries, many people still don’t pay enough attention to it. Recycling bottles, paper, cardboard and cans is an effective way to protect the natural environment and to reduce waste sent to soil and water reservoirs with minimum effort.

4.  Don’t buy too many clothes

Did you know that the production of a simple cotton t-shirt leaves a water footprint that amounts to as much as 650 gallons of water?! What is more, many clothes produced in mass quantities and decompose for several hundred years due to synthetic fibres. All of this threatens our environment and alters our biodiversity.

5. Choose biodegradable products

As you already know how important it is to recycle, you should now do your best to reduce the amount of waste which is not biodegradable. How do you go about it? Go for products which are not packed in plastic boxes, use reusable shopping bags and give up synthetic ingredients to live an eco-lifestyle.

6.  Reduce the use of your car

Cars are known to be one of the biggest pollution sources generated by individuals. Instead of commuting to work by car, choose public transportation, a bike or walk – at least from time to time. Another great way to reduce exhaust fumes is to drive an electric car.

7. Don’t overuse electricity

The overall consumption of electricity is continuously growing. To some extent this is rather obvious as we all have more and more devices powered by it. However, in many cases the use of electricity is not necessary and simple habits such as turning off the light where you are not in a room are a great way to save it.

The benefits of living an eco-friendly lifestyle are undisputed. The way we live can affect the lives of animals and plants that surround us, so an eco-friendly lifestyle is simply a must these days!


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