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Want a premium container? Try acrylic jars!

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Acrylic jars Acrylic jars

When you want to sell a product, the packaging is just as important as the product itself. Customers sometimes don’t even know what the product is like, they actually see tha packaging first.

If the packaging quality is low, if it looks bad, then they might refuse to buy your otherwise great product. That’s why it is worth it to invest in a premium packaging solution and acrylic jars are one of the best choice.

Customers like acrylic containers because they have a nice feel and a nice appearance. They tell them that whatever is inside is worth the money. Other than that, companies should consider acrylic jars because of the physical properties of acrylic. This is basically a lightweight thermoplastic, which proves to be an effective alternative to glass with better thermal insulation properties. The problem with glass is that it is very fragile, so long haul transportation is not advisable with glass containers. Acrylic is a much more durable packaging material because it is not so fragile. It is somewhere between glass and plastic. It is also known for its attractive glossy surface that is available in almost every color, but it can be translucent as well.

Acrylic jars are very popular in the world of cosmetics and medicine because it withstands years of exposure to the elements and even corrosive atmospheres. It also has good impact and chemical resistance, while being able to withstand high stresses for short periods and scratches for longer periods. An added plus is that they don’t lose their transparency, gloss or even their dimensional shape. Overall, they are a much better alternative than glass and can be cheaper too. If you want to try a premium packagins olution, then acrylic jars are worth the money. You can use acrylic jars to package beauty products, oils, creams or even cooking ingredients. Basically, anything which is sensitive to the elements, but needs to look good, is a good candidate for acrylic jars.

Take a look at our website and check which container suits your needs to most.



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