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How to prepare a shop window for the autumn collection?

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A shop window is an extremely important element of every store. It makes passers-by pay attention to the products and clothes on display.


How do you prepare a shop window for the autumn? Learn some great tips that will make this task easier for you!

Autumn shop window – what you need

Autumn is a special season, characterized by very changeable weather – sometimes it can be hot as in summer, and on other days you have to put on something warm. This is why autumn is such a popular time to refresh your wardrobe. A well-decorated shop window will effectively attract undecided customers, which is why its proper preparation is the key to high sales in the autumn season.

The most important thing is that the website attracts attention – the more effectively it intrigues passers-by, the more potential customers will appear in the store. The window should be decorated in autumn colours, such as yellow, brown or burgundy. It is these colours that are most associated with autumn, which is why mixing them properly can attract the attention of customers.

Mannequins in the right poses and outfits

Mannequins should be properly prepared, dressed and posed in order to present the autumn collection attractively. The role of mannequins is very important – their poses can refer directly to the autumn aura, which, combined with autumn outfits, create a complete look. Remember to use high-quality mannequins when preparing an autumn shop window. If you need such mannequins in your store, be sure to visit

The autumn collection should be presented in such a way that each potential customer can see something that they need this autumn. A monothematic shop window will be not only boring, but will also present the collection in a trivial and dull way.Today, in order to attract a customer, you have to compete with many other stores. Therefore, the best way to attract interest in the autumn will be an extraordinary and original autumn shop window design.

Everything depends on how your collection will be presented in the shop windows.


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