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Buy furniture in the style of The Great Gatsby and Peaky Blinders!

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People are enchanted with the interwar period thanks to numerous film and TV series productions.


This style is becoming very popular nowadays when it comes to interior design, that is why it is very important to find out exactly what the art deco style is characterized by. So what are the most important features of art deco?

Geometric patterns and gold, black and white

The art deco style reached the peak of its popularity in the period 1920-1939. 100 years ago it was considered a very distinguished, solemn and elegant style, which has not changed to this day, because nowadays it is also an indicator of class, aesthetics and excellent taste.

The most important characteristic of this unique style are geometric ornaments. It is perfectly visible in the movie The Great Gatsby, which for many interior designers has become almost an icon. Interiors arranged in that style are very popular because of their glamour and elegance. Since we are talking about the interwar period, it is also worth mentioning the series Peaky Blinders, which popularized in recent years pre-war fashion – especially among men. The series is also full of references to the art deco style, as its action takes place in the 1920s and 1930s in Great Britain. Another characteristic of art deco, which we can observe clearly in this series, is the color scheme of black, white and gold. These colors perfectly represent the splendor of this decadent style.

Contemporary art deco a chance to make interiors unique

The contemporary art deco style has been enriched with some elements in order to blend perfectly with the rest of the very popular interior design styles. Therefore, it is not difficult to find today elite furnishing, which with its style very clearly refers to the best patterns of art deco style. Such furniture can be a great way to decorate your living room or bedroom, because its timeless appearance makes it look elegant and aged at the same time. At the same time, it is worth noting that art deco works well in combination with industrial, loft and modern styles. Such additions can very effectively break the boredom and schematicism in interior design. Therefore, all furniture in the style of the Great Gatsby and Peaky Blinders are currently popular. Moreover, there is no indication that this trend is about to change.

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