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5 trends to add to your spring wardrobe in 2022

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Are you ready for a gamechanger spring look? Do you want to pull off the latest trends and be the queen of the season? Here come the top 5 ideas to reserve a seat for yourself at the fashion table.


Have you ever dreamt about walking on the street confidently while wearing the most fashionable pieces of the season? Turning all the heads while passing them? Let us help you put that crown to the top of your head!

Every woman deserves to be seen in a way she wants to be seen and a good stylist can support you all along in this journey.

Let’s be a little dramatic!

By now, we are so used to the voluminous flower printed or bright coloured dresses, but it’s time to shake things up! This season all of these beautiful pieces will go one step further and be made in fabrications like latex or (faux) leather to add that extra spice to our looks. We can’t wait to see these beauties on the streets!

Here’s your chance to be a bit bold!

Undoubtedly the runways were dominated by the sheer, barely-there dresses this season. In many fabrics from nylon and chiffon all the way to gauze, you’ll easily find your new favourites. And then it’s up to your choice to layer them with simple underwears or go bold and bare.

Shine bright like a diamond!

What connects the rock’n’roll lady with the disco princess and the glamorous beauty queen look? The sparkle! And in this season you can have all the shining you want and deserve! Glittering sequins, wet-metallics and satin fabrics will rule the fashion stores this spring, so make sure to grab your favourites before they run out!

Revisioned western babies, you’re up!

Most of the time when we talk about fringe, western style is immediately connected to the idea, but it’s time to end the stereotype! The fringe is back, with a little heavier tassel detailing, more full and with a not at all casual vibe. It’s time to revision the old ideas and pull off the main character piece of 2022.

Being playful doesn’t mean childish!

Let’s add a little fun to our wardrobe and the trends are really here to support us this time! It seems like the designers are returning to their childhoods and bringing a few nostalgic patterns and lively colors with them. Don’t be surprised to see sticker-like smileys, stars and many other familiar patterns on the streets, so just jump onto the fashion train and enjoy the ride!

It might seem a lot to follow, but trust me, fashion is all about finding yourself in the new and upcoming trends, while constantly revisioning what you’d like to show to the rest of the world through your clothes. And if you ever feel lost in the ocean of opportunities, remember, the professional stylists are always there for you to hold your hand and cherish your own personality while helping you to keep up with the latest flows.

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