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AI is Changing the Face of Management - A Managers' Perspective

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Managers' View on AI Managers' View on AI pixabay

According to recent research conducted by Beautiful.ai, company management is entering a new era where artificial intelligence (AI) starts to play a key role. A survey among 3000 American managers revealed how AI is perceived and implemented in workplaces, as well as its implications for the future of employment.


AI as a Tool and Threat

The study shows that 66% of managers are already using AI to increase employee productivity, indicating a broad adaptation of technology in daily business operations. However, 12% of respondents admitted that the main goal of introducing AI was to reduce costs through staff reduction. Such data sheds new light on the debate about the impact of automation on the job market, suggesting that AI is not just support but is becoming a potential competitor for human workers.

Managers' View on AI

In terms of management, more and more managers see in AI not only the possibility to optimize processes but also a kind of collaborator. Surprisingly, 41% of respondents believe that they will be able to replace part of the workforce with "cheaper AI tools" this year. On the other hand, 64% of managers consider AI to be as competent or even more competent in management than human experts, which may suggest a shift in the perception of the manager's role in the organization.

The Future of Management in the Age of AI

The findings of Beautiful.ai's research make an important contribution to the discussion on the future of work, in which AI plays an increasingly significant role. On one hand, there are concerns about replacing humans, indicating a transformative period in the workforce driven by AI advancements.

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